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COVID-19 Relief Program

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Small first aid kit

Help us provide care/toiletry packs to community members impacted by DV, 2022 flooding disaster and facing homelessness

Our Centre has almost exhausted all of our funding due to a massive increase in support provided due to COVID, Loss of employment, DV, Homelessness and Flood recovery.

We're seeking assistance so we can continue to provide material aid to those who attend our Homeless Day event. We are in desperate need of vital items for our community members experiencing Homelessness, as well as those fleeing DFV and needing emergency support with basic essentials.

Our region has been impacted by two major flood events in 2022 which has been challenging for many reasons and this has resulted in a high number of people in our rural community losing jobs in many sectors whilst businesses recover and return to normal production levels. In addition, the rising cost of living is putting so much financial strain on households, but more so the already vulnerable families. We are already seeing so many families, couple or single people not coping with everyday living costs. Please help us help them.


Gatton QLD 4343

Small first aid kit

Small first aid kit to add to each pack.

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$6.50 each

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COVID-19 Relief Program


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