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Base and mattress - double

Single Mum with four children under the age of 11

A single mother of four finds herself displaced alongside her community in Cairns. Previously residing in a spacious four-bedroom house, she now faces the constant upheaval of moving from one hotel apartment to another. The children struggle to adjust to this transient lifestyle, with each fortnight relocation disrupting their routine. Their restless energy often manifests in disruptive behaviors, exacerbated by the confined spaces of the hotel environment. Yearning for the freedom of their former home, the children crave the opportunity to run around in their own yar, explore adventures along the beach, and simply be children. Similarly, the mother longs for a sense of relaxation, knowing her children can roam freely and be themselves, rather than feeling confined and uncontrollable within the confides of a hotel room.


Wujal Wujal QLD 4895

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