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Officeworks Voucher

Teen Mum with toddler living remotely and working hard to complete her business traineeship

Young mum with toddler working hard to complete her business traineeship. Lives remotely and is finding it difficult to makes ends meet with rising cost of living. She is required to travel a long distance each day to work. This teen mum is incredibly committed and motivated and is determined to set a good example for her son. She has been working 3 jobs for many months to support her little family and is finding that as daily expenses go up, things have been a bit tricky for her.

Our organisation provides support to expecting and parenting teens. Our young parents are living below the poverty line and experiencing multiple and competing priorities for their limited incomes. Your donation will help to lower their social isolation and strengthen their economic position.


East Launceston TAS 7250

Officeworks Voucher

Requesting 3 x $100 Officeworks vouchers to support this young mum to purchase the study materials she needs to complete her Business Traineeship.

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