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VIC Bushfires 2024

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Grocery voucher - $50

Resident left in distress as bushfires damaged paddocks and caused loss of life to farm animals she held near and dear

Resident living alone on farmland sustained substantial fire damage to paddocks, fencing and property. Horses previously grazing paddocks for farm management are left to survive on limited donated hay as she struggles financially to provide proper feed. With mounting vet bills and having to dispose of many of her pet sheep in the paddocks, resident is feeling particularly overwhelmed and burdened by the recent bushfire disaster. Resident discussed not knowing where to start as emotional distress takes it toll on her both physically and mentally.
Resident would appreciate any available financial assistance with fencing materials and repairs, water pump for troughs and supply of hay for her animals.


Ercildoune VIC 3352

Grocery voucher - $50

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VIC Bushfires 2024


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