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Connecting People with a Disability

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Flood affected In Lismore 2022

Couple who both have a disability and were severely impacted by the 2022 Lismore flood. This couple lost all of their belongings and their long term rental. They have been couch surfing with family between Lismore and Casino for the past 12 months going back and forth on a weekly basis. This has meant that their adult sons, who both have a disability and live independently during the week and with the couple on the weekend, haven’t been able to do this. This has had a domino affect that their NDIS service provision has also had a higher cost
The couple have just been able to find a long term rental property to move into, they now need to collect belongings and re establish a home for themselves and their adult children to live with them on a weekend. Any supports or assistance that they are given will be greatly appreciated.


Casino NSW 2470

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