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Grocery voucher - $200

Country kids needing urgent support after their sibling was diagnosed with a brain tumour

A young boy from remote NSW was displaying a range of increasing medical conditions over a number of months. With NO doctor or nurse within 300 Kms, and no readily available transport, the child went undiagnosed for a brain tumour until he could no longer function.
The urgent circumstances of this situation have seen the family of 5 children split amongst neighbours and friends and the single mother supports her sick son in a city based hospital. It is unknown how long the family will split up as the prognosis and treatment is still unknown.


Bankstown NSW 2200

Grocery voucher - $200

Vouchers are preferred for COLES.
The 4 vouchers will allow support for the mother and child now in the city but also for the families that are billeting the siblings.

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