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COVID-19 Relief Program

Fund what's needed

School essentials

Children in our community are experiencing severe hardship & need help with educational supports

We are a provider of Emergency Relief, to more than 5000 people of Banyule, Nillumbik, and surrounding areas each year.
At this time of year we have many families reach out for support for the basics to help them cover the costs of education for their children, especially as the costs of uniforms, books and other essential items is ever increasing.
Since 2020, many more families have been hit by Covid lockdowns, employment reduction and/or loss, family breakdown, added stresses with rental/mortgage costs and have been reaching out to us for help. School costs is another added pressure, especially who are choosing between paying their rent and eating a meal. we have seen a rise in the number of children going to school without the required basics, along with empty lunchboxes.

We are seeking support for all things we can give to our families for Back to School assistance - books, lunchboxes, school bags, school hats, and more.

Any support is greatly appreciated!


Greensborough VIC 3088


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