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Chest of drawers - any

Family recovering from flood in financial hardship and seeking assistance with household items

A husband and wife with three children aged 7,8,9 and an elderly grandfather are twelve months into their flood recovery since the February 2023 flood. The home was flooded up to the bench tops and virtually everything in the home was ruined. The couple have no flood insurance and the husband is forgoing paid work to complete the repairs. They do not have a kitchen or internal walls, doors or bathroom. The couples email account was recently hacked and money stolen from their accounts which they have yet to recover. Due to the couples need to manage their own rebuild and provide childcare outside of school hours they are both underemployed and struggling financially.


Wardell NSW 2477

Chest of drawers - any

The family home is an old farm cottage and it doesn't have any built in robes. All of their cupboards were ruined by the floods and the family are still using plastic tubs to store clothes. The mother has requested help to buy some cupboards for the children's rooms.

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