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Flooding - Queensland

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Grocery voucher - $50

Recently widowed elderly lady impacted by floods and health concerns affecting her mobility. She has no family in QLD.

Elderly woman, widowed in February 2024 (very recent). She has been impacted by the floods and without insurance, has been trying to repair her property herself whilst caring for her ill husband. I found her on the roof last week trying to fix a tile which isn't safe! Her husband was bed bound during the floods and was unable to vacate the house, so they both stayed. She is a real battler, but with only her pension to rely on, she is struggling financially.
Her hips have given out and she has a heart condition and lung issues. Movement is getting increasingly harder and she needs regular rests. She has no family here in QLD that can help with the paperwork associated with her husband's passing or getting her house repaired. There is significant damage and mould in the home.
She would really appreciate some assistance with grocery vouchers to relieve some financial pressure at this time and allow her to grieve without additional stressors. Thanks for your support!


Deagon QLD 4017

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