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Mother of 6, husband passed away after youngest was born, requires support

Has managed without the support of her husband (who passed away) for 6 years. Has managed on limited income (receives income support entitlements) and in isolation from support. Recently, illness, private rental increases, lack of affordable housing solutions and pathways, a Public Housing waitlist of several years and living costs that have increased beyond affordability have contributed to hardship and accumulating debt.

Is engaged with support services and has worked hard to develop support plans that include employment, budgeting, debt management and connection with community pathways/supports.

3 high school students, doing well at school despite disadvantages. Need laptops for access and equity to reach their educational potential and goals. Mum has instilled the value of school and education in her children and they have applied this into efforts at school. They are required to have laptops as part of the schools BYOD policy


Parramatta Park QLD 4870


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