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Domestic & Family Violence

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Grocery voucher - $100

Mother of three wants to keep her children safe after surviving Family and Domestic Violence

This loving mother of three has recently survived family and domestic violence. Ending this relationship however has caused significant financial hardship. In order to keep her children safe and well, it is imperative that she links up with community supports to ensure she is able to provide for their needs. This mother greatly values her children's education, and from time to time will reach out for help to ensure they continue going to school. This can be assistance with school supplies, uniforms, and booklists.

This mother can occasionally find it difficult to buy a wide range of healthy food for her children, and has used emergency relief in the past. Buying essentials like petrol and phone credit will often come second to ensuring her children eat, however, this can be a safety risk in FDV situations. The extra support will ensure this loving mother and her children are kept safe and continue to thrive.


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