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Grocery voucher - $100

Family experiencing long-term homelessness gets a house! Needs help with moving costs and furniture.

This family (couple and 3 sons) have been living in a garage for over 13 months. They lost their rental when the owner moved back in. During this year Dad broke his foot and subsequently lost his casual laboring work. Mum had to quit her disability support work as her own mother was diagnosed with, and treated for, cancer. She needed intensive support. Their loss of income was a financial hit that then deemed them unable to secure a rental as they were all unaffordable. THE FAMILY HAVE FINALLY BEEN APPROVED FOR A PRIVATE RENTAL. It is very shabby but it is a home, and they are stoked. Dad has also been offered some FIFO maintenance work so things are looking up. However, they need some assistance with the cost of moving. Their lease begins 29/9 and Dad does not get paid for another couple of weeks. We all know moving is expensive with unexpected costs. This family really need a hand to get back on their feet. They are such a lovely family and are blown away by any & all help received.


Parramatta Park QLD 4870

Grocery voucher - $100

Being homeless costs way more than you would think as you are unable to buy anything in bulk. This family will likely not have any groceries to move with. It would be great if they could do a big shop including pantry items to get them going. And its certainly not cheap filling up 3 adolescent boys! Grocery vouchers during the move will also free up cash for unexpected costs.

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