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Northwest Queensland Flooding

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Clothing voucher - $100

Vouchers required for essential items for community evacuated from Burketown due to Northwest QLD floods

Approximately 100 individuals including babies, children and the elderly have been evacuated from Burketown due to major flooding.

Residents were evacuated by helicopter, meaning they could only take a very small bag of personal items with them and many only have the clothes they left in. Evacuees are expected to be in temporary accommodation in Mt Isa until floodwaters reside and it is safe to return to Burketown, which could take up to two weeks. These families and individuals are in desperate need of essential items such as clothing, shoes, toiletries, medication and food support.

Some of these families will not have homes to return to or will have lost many of their personal belongings in the floodwaters.
Vouchers to purchase relief supplies will be greatly appreciated as they wait in temporary accommodation to find out the true impact of the floods on their homes, township and livelihoods.


Mount Isa QLD 4825

Clothing voucher - $100

Residents evacuated from Burketown were only able to take a small bag with them when they evacuated by helicopter due to rising floodwaters. They are now displaced without adequate clothing and shoes and are likely to be in temporary accommodation until it is safe to return to their hometown which is likely to take at least two weeks.

Evacuees are in desperate need fresh clothes, underwear and footwear. Evacuees included babies and children.

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Northwest Queensland Flooding


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