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School booklist

Resilient Aboriginal mother needing a helping hand after homelessness

Loving mother of three children has recently overcome significant challenges to find stability and safety for herself and her three children. The family have a chronic trauma background with historical substance use issues, periods of family separation due to homelessness and incarceration, experiences of violence, family violence and domestic partner abuse. The family are now reunited and housed and are engaging in support to maintain their tenancy and thrive together.

Mum recently lost her father and is suffering extreme grief and loss.

After re-establishing the family in their new home, mum is left with little money to spend on essentials like food, clothing and school items. Mum is ashamed to send her children to school without the essential booklist items, resulting in the children missing out.

Mum an the children would greatly benefit from a helping hand to ensure they can purchase the essentials, and continue to improve their circumstances.


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School booklist

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