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Kimberley Flooding

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We urgently seek your compassion for a young Indigenous family in remote Community in WA, facing unforeseen challenges. Having recently welcomed a new baby, their journey was marked by the absence of birthing facilities in Fitzroy Crossing, compelling a 400-kilometer trip to Broome with three young children. If this wasn't enough, this family are still recovering from the recent and devastating 2023 Fitzroy Crossing floods that has had such an ongoing and devastating impact on the Kimberley community.

While celebrating new life, their home was violated, leaving shattered baby items, extensive damage, and the cruel removal of air conditioning amid February's scorching heat. Their son, diagnosed with autism, lost his source of joy as all their TVs were destroyed.

Your kindness, no matter the size, will help rebuild their lives. Let's collectively surround this family with love during this trying time.


Fitzroy Crossing WA 6765

Lounge suite - large

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Kimberley Flooding


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