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VIC Storms February 2024

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Fuel voucher - $50

Family experienced extensive storm damage to the home which is not covered by insurance, creating severe financial hardship.

Resident and partner with 15-year-old daughter experienced house damage and power outage due to the February 13th 2024 storm event. They were ineligible for emergency payments and insurance claim denied for their house damage. This includes $3000 guttering and fascias, $25,000 quote for raising the home which has sunk on one side, and further potential damage to interior tiling and window frames as a result of the work which is needed to lift their house and correct subsidence.

Residents have absorbed the cost of the guttering and some minor repairs and is now facing the major repair cost of $25000. There was also the loss of the fridge freezer $900 which ceased operating after the power outage as well as significant food spoilage. This has created severe financial hardship for the family of three who are struggling with daily living costs whilst they prioritise the safety of their home. Receipt of food and fuel vouchers will greatly assist the family at this time.


Pakenham VIC 3810

Fuel voucher - $50

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VIC Storms February 2024


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