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COVID-19 Relief Program

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Assorted art and craft supplies

Art materials needed for yarning circle for Indigenous ladies

Once a month our Indigenous ladies meet for a yarning circle. We are hoping to be able to complete a basket weaving session and need assistance to gain materials to make this a possibility. Either donated Raffia or vouchers/funds we could use to purchase materials. Being able to provide this session would be a chance for the ladies to learn a new skill, one that can help them relax, unwind and forget about the outside stressors for a few hours, especially after all the stresses of the past two years and the COVID pandemic.

Vouchers able to be purchased from the raffia connection website.


Corio VIC 3214

Assorted art and craft supplies

Craft items needed to facilitate our wellbeing and cultural workshops held for indigenous women. Art and craft is a vital tool for many of our women as an effective wellbeing practice. Once a month we hold a yarning circle as well as an additional healing workshop where we do different things like weaving, painting, crafting, clay work, jewellery making etc. Items needed to purchase to keep the workshops going in the future.

Vouchers from Spotlight or similar would allow us to purchase some new materials

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COVID-19 Relief Program


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