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Electric scooter

Young child's birthday is coming up and Mum cannot afford any presents due to multiple unforeseen events

This child's birthday is coming up next week. He resides full-time with his mother and brother in considerable poverty. His father does not contribute to any child support for him or his brother and Mum is trying really to provide to her children. Mum is limited with work as her children are still young and need supervision. Mum is not from Tasmania and is isolated. She cannot receive support from family as she is not from here. Mum is now studying in classroom 4 days a week, in hope to improve her children's future. Child's Dad remains controlling and demonstrate emotional and financial abuse towards Mum, although they are separated. Child was exposed to family violence. He is shy and rarely accepts to leave the house. Socialising and self-regulating are difficult for him, in despite of him doing really well at school. He would love an electric scooter for his birthday and said this would encourage him to go out and play with neighborhood friends.


Gagebrook TAS 7030

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