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Grocery voucher - $20

Good meaning community member was significantly injured helping others. He now needs your support.

Our community member is 50 years old, the victim of a serious crime which resulted in him sustaining significant injuries that will impact him for the remainder of his life. Whilst walking his beloved dog, he selflessly assisted a female who was being physically assaulted. Whilst assisting the female, the female and the male turned on him and began assaulting him. He was overpowered and was stabbed to the side of his head and as result he died at the scene, however, he was brought back to life by paramedics and police where he was then airlifted to hospital where her underwent numerous surgeries.

This trauma has led to the clinical diagnosis of PTSD and depression. He has taken to the streets to collect and bottles to make ends meet and desperately needs assistance to provide him and his beloved dog essential food and medical items.

Your support will positively impact this beautiful mans mental health.


Nowra NSW 2541

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