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We are desperately seeking donations for a woman who has fled a war-torn country in hopes of a better life for her family

An amazing, hardworking, driven women is desperately seeking support.
The client left her family of 5 in hopes of a better future in Australia.
Fleeing a war-torn country, her family is suffering each day. She feels helpless and is trying as hard as she can to support herself and eventually her family.
Each day is an immense struggle. The client works as a cleaner in a hotel, taking a 50-minute bus to get to work for a 2-hour shift. The client gets 1 shift per week! So, she is receiving an extremely low income which is barely supporting herself.
The client has contacted our organization in tears, after hearing that her family are in severe conditions each day where their safety is jeopardized. The family is finding it hard to cope. The mother is all alone in a country. and hearing these words from her family is heartbreaking.
Each day, she comes home, and is all alone, after her busy day study/work. Never asking for help, amazing heart, this will be beyond words appreciated!


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Reid ACT 2612

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This request has already been filled.

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