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DRI Sleeping Eclipse Wireless

Young boy from the remote town of Kununurra in need of bed wetting alarm for uninterrupted sleep

We are in need of a bed wetting alarm for a young boy who confronts nightly challenges with bedwetting and accompanying behavioral issues. His condition disrupts his sleep and impacts his daily life, affecting his emotional well-being and ability to concentrate in school. Despite efforts to manage the issue, including guidance from health professionals, the recommended solution—a DRI Sleeping Eclipse Wireless alarm—remains financially out of reach for his family. This device is crucial in helping this child achieve a fundamental milestone: sleeping through the night without wetting the bed, which would significantly improve his quality of life and relieve stress on his family. Your support can make a direct impact by providing him with the tool he needs to overcome this obstacle and thrive.


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Kununurra WA 6743

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