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Washing machine - any size

Request from an AIEO for a washing machine and dryer for their Indigenous room .

I have had a request to help provide a washing machine and dryer for their Indigenous room to be able to wash their Aboriginal students uniforms, most of their students are from low socio-economic suburbs and many are homeless sleeping on the floor of family members.
These students are still despite all the obstacles are turning up at school as school is their 'safe' place but sadly with limited resources, extra uniforms, these students are turning up with dirty clothes and the AIEO has been taking them home to wash. With the help of a washing machine and dryer at the school, this would benefit both the AIEO and the students whereby on attending breakfast club, they would be able to wash their clothes and dry these they feel better mentally, emotionally and physically, this in turn will have a better learning outcome for the students.
Sadly many are from broken homes and school is their safe place so having these products available will be so helpful.


Drop off Post/Courier Voucher


Lesmurdie WA 6076

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