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Flooding - Queensland

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Dingo hire contribution - $50

Terminally ill man currently living in an unsafe environment as floods destroyed his home and all possessions

The individual seeking assistance is an Indigenous man grappling with a terminal illness. While undergoing medical treatment in Vietnam, he was caught in the aftermath of the flooding caused by TC Jasper. Upon returning to his property, he discovered extensive damage to his home and land. Lacking insurance, with limited financial means and coping with a physical disability, he now faces the challenge of restoring his property to a minimally habitable state for his remaining time. Despite having been self-sufficient prior to the flooding, he finds himself in a vulnerable position due to recent divorce, lack of close family support, and dwindling resources. It's worth noting that he has always been self-reliant and is not accustomed to seeking assistance. Any support that GIVIT can offer would be deeply appreciated by the client.


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Rossville QLD 4895

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