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Tropical Cyclone Seroja

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Devoted father on disability pension seeks support to equip his 2 daughters for school this year

Devoted father of two girls aged 11 and 13yrs in need of assistance to start the school year.
He separated from the girls’ mother and has been their sole Carer for over a year. Mum lives in the same town but sadly does not acknowledge her daughters.
The family are living in a caravan after Cyclone Seroja destroyed part of their house.
His financial struggles have exacerbated due to errors in receiving Family Tax benefits and a debilitating back injury has resulted in having to apply for a disability pension. He is a proud man doing his best to navigate his way to raise his lovely girls. In not being able to work; his family would be very appreciative of any support to begin school in a positive way.


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Northampton WA 6535

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