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Domestic & Family Violence

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Grocery voucher - $50

Single Mum in Hospital, two children needing food and clothing.

Single mother who is in hospital currently very unwell, has a young child with autism, non-verbal and high support needs and a teenage child. In the past few months, they have experienced domestic family violence, where they needed to flee to a new location, they had no car, limited personal items, such as clothing, furniture etc. Mum has mental health diagnosis, and with the current stressors in her life and going through financial hardship, she is finding it difficult to cope. Currently they have no toys for the younger child to engage with. The family receive government payments which is very little, with the cost of everything rising. They have very limited family support. They would benefit from a food voucher and voucher for clothing and blankets,


Drop off Pick up Post/Courier Voucher


Kilburn SA 5084

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