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Digital Inclusion Queenslanders with a Disability

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Mobile phone

Young man with spinal injury recently released from jail. Being supported to change his life trajectory - needs a hand please

We have been supporting a young man with a spinal cord injury who has been released from jail and was at risk of homelessness. With the assistance of individual counselling/coaching, peer support and other agencies we are supporting him to secure interviews and prepare for a job, secure community housing and establish ad support network. He has made huge inroads into a new life, and he has the positivity to carry this on... Only challenge is that his phone has died. We need to try and help him source an affordable android or iphone SE type phone to enable us to stay in contact and for him to stay in contact with supports and potential employers....Any assistance gratefully accepted.


Drop off Pick up Post/Courier Voucher


Wishart QLD 4122

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