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School uniform shirt

This family is struggling after the recent fires in the Bermagui area, due to their ongoing PTSD from the 2019 fires.

This sole parent is seeking assistance with supporting her 3 children after the recent fires near Bermagui. One son has been diagnosed with ADHD, another son is on the autism spectrum and suffers from PTSD. The whole family suffers under the ongoing strain and stress after surviving the fires of 2019, especially now that their area has been under threat of another fire very recently.
They are struggling to provide the funds for medications and would benefit from sensory toys such as weighted blankets. They are also needing financial assistance with pharmaceutical supplies for their son with Autism Spectrum Disorder. Any assistance with essential provisions would also be helpful, especially fuel vouchers to assist with getting the children to appointments, which are usually a 30-40 minute drive one way.


Drop off Post/Courier Voucher


Quaama NSW 2550

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