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Domestic and Family Violence

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Officeworks voucher for school stationery

Single mother with four children experiencing DV, two children with special needs, needing assistance to pay for school needs

This family have experienced family and domestic violence for a number of years. The mother suffers from Chrohn's disease, as well as ADHD, anxiety and depression. She has lost income recently due to COVID and needing to look after her two youngest children during school holidays. The family are living week to week and already are behind in school fees from previous years. The youngest two children have special needs and the oldest two are struggling to manage the trauma they have experienced. All four children display very challenging behaviours which create significant stress for the family.
Assistance with covering the costs of the children's school needs would greatly help decrease Mum's stress levels and the disadvantage the children experience.


Post/Courier Voucher


Maroochydore QLD 4558

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