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Hotel voucher - $50

Young Mum of two small children battling colon cancer

Young Mum of two, was diagnosed last year with Stage 4 Bowel Cancer (no symptoms, just overnight stomach pain, took herself to emergency the next day and they found it all).
She has just completed a total of 9 months chemotherapy, had a couple months break earlier this year and hoping for another small break now before trying again for a big surgery.
She has had amazing results so far and considers herself one of the lucky ones, but maintenance treatment and regular scanning will be the new norm. She will do whatever it takes to be here as long as she physically can be for her family.
Her husband is currently completely his studies so they rely solely on her income as she has had to work whilst undergoing her cancer treatment to provide for her family.


Post/Courier Voucher


Broadbeach QLD 4218

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