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GIVIT's Whistleblower Policy


GIVIT is committed to conducting its business operations and affairs with honesty and integrity and to engaging in ethical decision-making, being legally compliant and acting consistently with good corporate governance standards and community expectations.


As such, from 1 July 2020 GIVIT adopted a new Whistleblower Policy. This new policy has been approved by the GIVIT Board of Directors.


GIVIT strongly encourages and provides a readily accessible means to report undesirable behaviours such as unethical, unlawful, fraudulent or other misconduct involving GIVIT, any member of GIVIT or any director, officer or employee of, or contractor, supplier to or other person dealing with, these entities.


GIVIT will also ensure that whistleblower reporters can make reports under the new policy anonymously (if they so choose) and confidentially without fear of intimidation, retaliation or adverse employment action being taken against them.

Ways to speak up

GIVIT's CEO and executive team are always available to listen to your concerns. They can be contacted by emailing


GIVIT has also contracted Your Call Whistleblowing Solutions (“Your Call”) to receive and manage your report with impartiality and confidentially.


This option allows you to:

  • remain completely anonymous
  • identify yourself to Your Call only
  • identify yourself to both Your Call and GIVIT


The Your Call reporting options include:

  • Via the Website 24/7
  • Telephone 1300 790 228  9am and 12am, recognised business days, AEST

Online reports can be made via the website link above. You will be required to enter GIVIT unique identifier code: GIVIT.

You may choose to remain anonymous, if you wish, throughout the whistleblower reporting process.

To receive a full copy of GIVIT's Whistleblower Policy, please contact

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