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Official donation channel open – Victoria Bushfires

Media release | 16 February 2024


Online donation platform GIVIT is calling for donations to assist people impacted by bushfires across parts of Victoria through the GIVIT Victoria Bushfires Appeal.  

GIVIT has partnered with the Victorian Government to manage donations of essential items for the communities of Pomonal and Dadswells Bridge in Western Victoria.

GIVIT Victoria Manager Natarsha Baker said uncoordinated donations can hamper services on the ground.

“My first message is please do not take or send donations into impacted areas,” said Natarsha.

“GIVIT works directly with councils, outreach teams, charities and community groups to identify exactly what’s needed to make sure people get what they need, when they need it.”

“ is an easy and efficient way of donating directly to people impacted by this event, without overwhelming charities and frontline services on the ground.”

Members of the public can donate through the Victoria Bushfires Appeal with 100% of publicly donated funds received by GIVIT being used to support affected communities.

Where possible, GIVIT uses donated funds to purchase items from local providers to support the economic recovery of impacted regions.

GIVIT is also assisting people impacted by severe storms in Victoria through the GIVIT Victoria Storms and Flooding Appeal.

If you have an item to donate that is not listed, please register the item on

If you are a local charity or frontline service in need of donated goods and services, please register at

For more information please contact:
E: M: 0444 503 759


GIVIT is the smart way to give. Through, we channel generosity where it is needed to support
vulnerable people and communities in Australia.

Working with more than 4,500 support organisations, we ensure people get what they need when they need it most – whether recovering from an emergency event, or experiencing hardship due to circumstances such as drought, domestic and family violence, homelessness, disability, and mental health.

GIVIT captures all offers of goods and services online, removing the need for charities and services to sort, store and dispose of unrequested donations, saving valuable resources. 100% of donated money received by GIVIT to support people in need are used to purchase essential items and services. We buy locally, wherever possible, to support local businesses and the economic recovery of affected communities. GIVIT’s operational costs are covered by government contracts and corporate partners.

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