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Help kids impacted by domestic violence

South Australia

How domestic violence affects children

No child should be exposed to or experience domestic and family violence. Research shows that children who are exposed to domestic and family violence are more likely to develop anxiety, depression and post-traumatic stress disorder, are at a greater risk of developing behavioural and developmental issues, and are more likely to struggle at school, leading to reduced levels of education and employment prospects.

This organisation helps children and families who have been impacted by domestic and family violence, and children who are in out-of-home care. 

It provides home starter packs to help families escaping domestic abuse get set up in new accommodation. In 2022, the team supported almost 900 kids and 358 adults affected by domestic violence.

How you can help kids impacted by domestic & family violence

You can see what's needed in the list below, and select the FUND or GIVIT options to donate money or items. This organisation is constantly in need of items suchs as toasters, kettles, dinner sets, cutlery, utensils, dustpans, washing baskets, cleaning products and bedding for its home starter packs.

The organisation requests donations of new items only.

Who your donation will help

*Content warning - domestic violence and rape

"Tonight I moved into a new home and received my amazing home starter pack. In the past 2 years I've been stabbed, dragged by my hair, beaten, kicked, left without money or a phone and raped resulting in my beautiful angel girl - the only positive light in a terrifying relationship.

I lived in my car for the last 6 months with my baby and am so incredibly thankful for my home, my own belongings and the opportunity at a new life. 

Thank you for showing me a small piece of happiness again."

     - A domestic violence survivor and recipient of a home starter pack


So far this year we've delivered 48 home starter packs, helping over 90 children, with a cost to our charity of over $12,000. This program is not funded, and relies on the support of the public. At the moment we're on the verge of having to put this program on hold. Your support will go a long way.


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