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Support First Nations mums during the early stages of their child's life

Northern NSW

Help make a difference for First Nations mothers

This organisation's purpose is to make a real difference in the early stages of life for First Nations children and their mothers. They do this by connecting each mother with culturally safe midwives and support workers through the provision of the "Crib" - a safe sleeping bassinet filled with essentials for both mums and bubs to support them during those important early months.

This beautiful gift is delivered to mums pre-term or just after birth, and helps each mum to celebrate her pregnancy and new life, as well as build a trusted and supportive healthcare connection between Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Health Services and First Nations mothers.

With one "Crib" being delivered every day in Northern NSW, these gifts are life changing for First Nations mums and help to make a "big picture" difference at the very start of life for First Nations children and their mothers.

How you can help

You can see what's needed in the list below, and select the FUND or GIVIT options to donate money or items. Your donation supports a First Nations mum and bub in need for those first essential weeks.

We love being a member of GIVIT, they have been so supportive of us and the work we do. They work with donors small and large, their work means that for every dollar we receive we can multiply its value four times over. Our goal in 2023 is to make available 400 “Cribs” to actively make a difference for 400 First Nations mums and bubs.”


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