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Generators and chainsaws

The devastating fires in East Gippsland affected the whole community.

With power supplies down, the clean-up of properties was always going to be a tough task for the many local families who lost everything. To fast-track the recovery process, especially with winter approaching, the local Rotary Club reached out to GIVIT to coordinate the supply of five generators and four chainsaws.

GIVIT was able to supply the equipment due to the generous, almost overwhelming, response of the Australian people to its Bushfire Appeal. Committed to supporting rural businesses, and in-line with its buy-local whenever possible policy, GIVIT purchased the goods in Orbost, a small town at the heart of drought and fire-affected East Gippsland. 

The property owners, new tools in hand, got straight to work clearing fallen trees and potential widow-makers with the Rotary Fire Aid Committee keeping one generator and one chainsaw for its much-valued working bee clean-ups.

The Rotary Club is an excellent example of how a local charity can assess what will make the most difference to those struggling to rebuild their lives and livelihoods at times of disaster. The chairperson, Pearl Finlay-James, summed up the attitude and gratitude of those doing it tough but also doing an incredible job of getting themselves back on their feet,

We’re hands-on in the community every day. There’s always someone from the committee, or one of the five Rotary Clubs in this area, to go and meet the people and find out what they need. Our committee is filled with an array of skill-sets - a plumber, building surveyor, accountant, that sort of thing.”

Matching requests from charity-partners, such as the Rotary Club, with our generous donors, ensures GIVIT can coordinate getting the right help to the right people at the right time.



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