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GIVIT Podcast - Unlikely Series - Maja's Story

A collaboration with Karinya House, AIDS Action Council and Ted Noffs Foundation, GIVIT produced a series of three podcasts to raise awareness of the tipping points into poverty and pathways available to vulnerable people, featuring women who have recently called the streets of the ACT ‘home’.

Podcast 3: Maja (Ted Noffs Foundation)

As a bright 15-year-old, Maja led a full life, loved sport, had a boyfriend and went to a reputable private school. However, Maja’s relationship with her parents was fractured, which led to her leaving the family home. With only a backpack and in her summer pyjamas, Maja started her long journey to find somewhere to call home.

“I don’t think I slept so much. I think I was more walking. I slept more so in the day, and that’s when people see you. You don’t want your teachers or your friends to see you out… You haven’t brushed your hair. Or brushed your teeth. You’re sunburned. And you’re wearing your pyjamas from five nights ago.”

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