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Far North Queensland Flooding

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Fridge/freezer - large

A resilient single mother of four, is strong, independent, kind and responsible and deserves alot of respect

A resilient single mother finds herself navigating the challenges of parenthood alone, tasked with raising her four children all under the age of 10. With her ex-partner incarcerated, she shoulders the responsibility of providing and caring for her family single-handedly. Despite the hardships she faces, she remains steadfast in her commitment to nurturing her children with love, respect and integrity. This remarkable mother exemplifies strength and resilience as she embraces her role with unwavering dedication. Even after being displaced after the devastation of how the floods destroyed her hometown, she has held things together to help her children and herself to heal within themselves and reach out to help others.


Wujal Wujal QLD 4895

Fridge/freezer - large

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Far North Queensland Flooding


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