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Fuel voucher - $50

Following an accident 3 months ago our client is now a paraplegic. A proud, active young man, loving husband and father of 2

Following an accident, our client fell 3 months ago and is now a paraplegic. He is a proud, active young man, loving husband and father of 2 youngsters, He has been hospital based for the past 3 months 200km from home for rehabilitation and is trying to maintain his mental health. Struggling with feelings of being a burden on his family, he wants to remain the provider. Navigating all difficult thoughts of grief and loss. He and his wife were self-building a home for their family which now seems unachievable to him as their lives have turned upside down. His wife is amazing, but can only see him for a short visit each month; family commitments and fuel costs are their limitations. She too is facing a huge mental health challenge as she keeps her young family connected to their dad each evening via phone and tries to find a new home to suit their changed situation.


Gunning NSW 2581


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