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Hotel/motel voucher - $200

This individual is a 53-year-old woman and would like to do some further study with a view to gaining meaningful employment.

This woman has significant trauma history which has included sexual abuse, domestic violence, isolation and being flood impacted during last years flooding events. She has mental health issues (Complex PTSD, Anxiety & Depression), a physical disability (mobility issues) and has no connections with family or friends. Our service is a touch point for her each day. Despite these challenges she is a kind, giving, compassionate, intelligent woman. Every day is a challenge for her and all she wants is to find places in this world where she is accepted, doesn't have to apologise for taking up time or space and is treated with dignity and respect. After just settling into her 9th rental in an 18-month period, she plans study with a view to finding meaningful employment so she can feel like she is a contributing member in her community. The first step towards this goal is getting a laptop which is beyond her capability to purchase as she is on a DSP. Staying connected is critical


Helensvale QLD 4212

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