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COVID-19 Relief Program

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Jeans - men

Generosity Crisis Packs for individuals facing hardship

We are looking for brand new or quality lightly used tracksuits pants and jeans, or vital funds to purchase warm pants for families experiencing homelessness. Our organisation collects lightly used and new clothing and creates specialised Generosity Crisis Packs for individuals facing hardship. We provide these packs to agencies supporting individuals and families that are experiencing a spike in demand for their services. We help those supporting people experiencing homelessness and needed to resort to living in their cars, tents or sleeping rough each night, all made worse by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Please consider:
-Donating money to go towards the purchase of a new hoodie
-If you live near Mitcham Vic, you could drop off your hoodie (freshly laundered) on a Tuesday or Thursday morning.


Mitcham VIC 3132

Jeans - men

As winter fast approaches, we are in desperate need of men's jeans and track suit pants. Sizes required are medium through to XXL. Can you please help?

You are offering to fund what's needed:

40 needed
No more than 40 are needed to fill this request
$40.00 each

Would you also like to donate directly to GIVIT to help cover the costs of purchasing what's needed on your behalf?

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COVID-19 Relief Program


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