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Far North Queensland Flooding

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40 piece percussion set

Community kindy lost all their outdoor educational toys and equipment in the flooding from TC Jasper

We recently welcomed our children back home, reuniting with their community after the aftermath of Tropical Cyclone Jasper. The floods caused such devastation that the whole community was uprooted for the past 6 months. Most families have now returned home and we require assistance in replacing lost items in the kindergarten so our children can regain some sense of normality in their lives. Having access to educational toys and games is crucial for our service to ensure that our children continue to flourish.

Our toys and equipment need to be compliant to educational standards so we have included links to the specific items we need.


Wujal Wujal QLD 4895

40 piece percussion set
This wooden musical instruments set includes a huge collection of instruments for the whole classroom. The set includes 3 multi tone drums with mallets (different sizes), 1 pair of sand blocks, 1 ratchet, 2 handle castanets, 2 wood shakers, 2 pairs of egg shakers, 1 pair of claves, 1 pair of finger castanets, 1 recorder, a pair of maracas, 3 headless tambourines (different sizes), 3 jingle sticks (different sizes), 2 sleigh bells, 3 triangles with strikers (different sizes), 1 Domroo, 2 pairs of cymbals, 2 hand bells, 2 tambourines (different sizes), 1 Kokiriki, 2 cabasas (different sizes), 1 snare boy, 1 xylophone, 1 guiro, 1 tone block, 1 double Agogo and 1 triple Agogo. This set is great for teaching the children all about the different elements of music such as rhythm and beat in a fun and hands on way. Supplied in a wooden box

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Far North Queensland Flooding


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