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Tropical Cyclone Seroja

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Pedestal fan

Financially compromised, dedicated single mum rises at 4.30am to train horses then returns to her 3 young sons for school

This inspirational young woman provides for her three growing boys by working up to 3 jobs to provide as best she can. The family were terrified by TC Seroja and life has been challenging since.
Increases to the cost of living since the Covid pandemic cause stress for this mum who works so hard but struggles to cover the essentials.
A support organisation connected this proud young woman to the GIVIT Ready to Learn program and encouraged her to overcome the stigma of receiving charity and accept that, to ask for help, is a massive step forward to help her family whilst she is experiencing financial hardship.


Northampton WA 6535

Pedestal fan

Fans to cool the boys bedrooms in summer

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Tropical Cyclone Seroja


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