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Big W voucher - $50

Family of 8 in significant financial hardship due to loss of employment and cancer diagnosis

Aboriginal family of 8 fell into significant financial hardship in November 2022 due to loss of employment and mothers cancer diagnosis. Family do not receive any land claim money. Family now live off Centrelink as their sole source of income and are struggling with the essential costs of living. The family would benefit off any support available for school items such as bathers, goggles and other essential items. Mothers mental health has declined significantly due to stomach cancer diagnosis and post natal depression. Mother and Father actively engaging with Financial Counselling service to improve financial wellbeing. Two of fathers children are also coming into this families care in one month's time. Mother is suffering from long COVID which doctor has advised she will be living with for the foreseeable future. This heavily affects mothers wellbeing and prevents her from sleeping through the night. Any assistance provided will be appreciated.


Orelia WA 6167


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