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Big W voucher - $100

Every year we hold a huge Christmas party for our residents and their families on Dec 25. We give gifts to every child.

Every year our organisation holds a huge Christmas party at the river for our residents and their families.

We give gifts to every child at the river, not just the family of our residents, any child at the river. We have this party on Christmas Day and we try make it as special as we can even for people who are not of our organisation - any child at the river on the 25th December .

We love to show the Christmas spirit to many people who may have not had a family Christmas in many years. Our aim is to reinstate the special meaning of of Christmas day and show people who have not had a special Christmas in years what it’s like to have one.

Santa Comes across the river on a boat and hands out gifts and we also provide a lunch for anyone who attends .. at the moment we have over 100 residents and 150 children attending Christmas this year.

Any help with gifts, food vouchers, gift voucher would greatly be appreciated.

Thank you .


West Swan WA 6055

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