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Bags containing essential items

Our organisation prepares 'Go Bags' for children who are taken into emergency care often with no possessions.

We are a charity that supports vulnerable children in the Canberra and surrounding NSW regions. Our main mission is to provide gifts to vulnerable children at Christmas time and throughout the year where possible.

Our organisation prepares 'Go Bags' for children who are taken into emergency care often with no possessions. We fill the bags with essential items such as nappies, books, underwear, toys, toiletries and a teddy to help children in vulnerable situations. All our bags are age and gender appropriate. Children get to keep the bag and contents. The bags are distributed to all key locations in the ACT as well as being provided to the Child and Youth Protection Service. These bags are vital to a child’s welfare and provide a little bit of positivity in often difficult circumstances.

We also prepare back to school bags to help vulnerable children prepare for each new school year.

Our charity respectfully only accept donations of New items.


Hume ACT 2620

Bags containing essential items

We are looking for support from the community to help us fund the production of our 'Go Bags'. These bags are made for every age group and gender and hold essential items like warm clean new clothes, bottles, underwear, pyjamas, a book, a soft teddy, a small toy, nappies, wipes, nappy cream, soap etc. The bags (backpacks) are given to children who are removed from home and often have little to no possessions. The bags become their property and gives them comfort and essential items in what are often very difficult and sad situations. It costs us between $80 to $120 to make every bag and we are hoping people can help whether its the offer to fund 1, 2 or 10 bags. We also have smaller individual items listed if you would like to help but cant afford a whole bag. Please consider helping us this season to make vulnerable children’s lives just a little brighter.

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