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Connecting People with a Disability

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Tripod - phone / camera

Providing support to film makers with disability who want to tell their stories and share their experiences

We support people with high and complex disabilities to realise their ideas whether it be via music, art, film – sophisticated creative support. The idea behind the process is simple – supporting people to be in control of the work they make and find ways to make the technology fit their needs. Our clients and staff have identified that we somehow need to film and promote these ideas to aid community rebuilding due to COVID.

We’ve given ourselves a timeline of 10 months to film and put on a gala night for our community. These films will be short, meaningful and professional with the ideas and stories ranging from 30 second skits to short feature films. What we need are things like microphones, light, lenses, tripods, screens – any film related equipment. We are very much about propagating what we do and supporting other groups to think differently about creative support for people with high and complex disabilities and continue to enrich culture from all corners of society.


Redcliffe QLD 4020

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