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Kimberley Flooding

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Expectant parents removed from country to birth hours from home. Numerous barriers to birth made worse by recent flooding.

Since local medical resources are inadequate, all expectant parents in this remote town and its surrounding communities are forced to leave their communities to give birth. Four weeks prior to giving birth, parents are sent to 'sit-down' and wait for their baby's arrival. The lucky ones are 300kms from home, however those who are deemed higher risk, are sent 2000kms from their other children, their support networks and their country.

For many parents, English isn't their preferred language and hospitals appear overwhelming. Also, many live in difficult living situations and struggle with financial stress. The devastating Kimberley Floods have compounded the hardships and challenges. In an attempt to better prepare parents and make this period more comfortable and alleviate the already immense financial stress of having a baby, the maternal health program offers education on what to expect, and a duffel bag full of essential items such as toiletries, clothing and comfort items.


Fitzroy Crossing WA 6765


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