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Pharmacy voucher - $20

Help for a lady with cancer

Single lady with Cancer, Osteoarthritis and mental health concerns. Still has past trauma from Family Domestic Violence.
With extremely poor health, every day is a struggle and washing on the line is almost an impossibility. But with a very tight budget, only receiving jobseeker, she is unable to afford to replace her dryer that has broken down. Money is very tight, and she has to prioritize her rent and payment plans for utilities. There is little left for food, clothing, toiletries and shores. Life is a daily battle, both physically and emotionally dealing with cancer, physical ailments and mental health. To be able to receive some vouchers to help for clothes, groceries and other items, including a dryer would be such a relief for her especially as it will be winter soon and she struggles to stay warm.


Cannington WA 6107


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