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Tropical Cyclone Seroja

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Hardware voucher - $100

Elderly pensioner left homeless after rental property lease terminated due to housing shortage after cyclone.

Gentleman living in small Midwest town during the cyclone, unfortunately due to decisions beyond his control, had his lease terminated. After Seroja hit the owner needed the property for their own use. He had rented this house for years and considered it his home. There were no other rental properties in the little town, particularly after houses were destroyed during the cyclone. He was facing homelessness and his only option to stay in town and live near his family, was to sell his beloved Monaro car and use all those funds to purchase an abandoned property from the Shire.
With the state of disrepair of the house and having no further savings, he has humbly asked for assistance to purchase supplies such as plaster, hybrid plank and paint to repair the cyclone damaged ceiling and make the house habitable. He has recently been hospitalised making further repairs more difficult. Any financial or trades assistance would be gratefully received


Morawa WA 6623

Hardware voucher - $100

Vouchers would need to be from local hardware store in Morawa Western Australia

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Tropical Cyclone Seroja


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