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Fuel voucher - $50

Mum of 5, diagnosed with breast cancer & has started treatment. Fuel costs travelling to & from is just another stressor.

Mother of 5 thought she had life all under control. With her and her partner having jobs and only recently moving into a new rental property with their children, life was good. Both her and her partner also volunteered to give back to their community.

A month ago life changed over night for their family. The 37 year old mum found a lump in her breast and after investigations was diagnosed with breast cancer. Treatment has since started to reduce the size of the lump before surgery. As treatment has been taking its toll on the mum the dad has been stepping in to care for her, the children and doing the driving into and from each treatment session.

With this he has not been able to continue working full time and she has had to take a lot of time off work with only limited available sick leave. They have put in for assistance through Centrelink so they are able to cover rent and school costs however the pressure of the additional fuel expenses is putting them in financial hardship.


Rosewood QLD 4340

Fuel voucher - $50

There is no real preference re a specific fuel supplier, any Qld fuel voucher would be greatly appreciated.

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