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Clothing voucher - $100

This lovely lady is going through a hard time and is in need of some help for herself and her 2 children.

This lady has fallen onto hard times and is struggling to provide for herself and her children.

She moved to Australia 20 years ago to provide a better future for her children and has worked hard to give them a good education. She experiences PTSD following the genocide in Cambodia and has been diagnosed with severe anxiety and depression and experiences debilitating joint pain throughout her body.

She is a single mother and after suffering from a stroke, has been unable to work. She is trying to budget however her medical care and medicines have caused her financial distress and she is now refusing to continue her treatment as she is struggling to provide food and clothing for her and her children.

This lady and her family are very thankful for any help.


Woodridge QLD 4114

Great News!

This request has already been filled.

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